The passing of our Honorary CEO Father John Walsh

It is with deep sorrow that the Nazareth Community announces the passing of our Honorary CEO Father John Walsh. He was a beacon of hope that never faded, no matter how dark it became. He shared love, kindness and compassion with abandon, and showered every resident, volunteer and staff member with his unrelenting joy. He made each one of us better for having known him. Father John’s relationship with the Nazareth Community spanned 4 decades. Nazareth Founder Dennis Hadley asked Father John Walsh, then a young priest, to preside over a funeral for a homeless man who had passed away. He said yes immediately. That moment was the beginning of a friendship and relationship with Nazareth that shone brightly to the end. On Thursday November 5th, 2020, 4 days before his death, John’s House was publicly named after Father John. It will be home to 12 men, struggling with homelessness and mental health issues, who will now have a forever angel watching over them. We deeply mourn the passing of our Honorary CEO, there will never be another like him. We find comfort in our profound connection and love for a man who lived life to the fullest. Father John brought people and communities together in his unwavering hope of making the world a better place, and nurturing those who needed it the most. Nazareth’s Board of Directors vows to continue Father John’s mission of creating homes and, not shelters, for the homeless. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure the growth and prosperity of Father John’s dream. May he rest in peace. 

Visitation and Funeral arrangements will be added.

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