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Since 1979, The Hadley Community upholds its commitment to cultivating an inclusive environment where the overlooked are embraced, social reintegration for the marginalized is fostered, and individuals are empowered to realize their fullest potential.

Renowned for its distinctive approach and methodology, our organization stands as a beacon of compassionate care, offering a superior alternative to institutionalization. We extend our support to those ensnared in the cycle of recurrent challenges or facing the dire prospect of homelessness.

Within our two residences, an array of holistic services awaits, including yoga, enriching art classes, specialized foot care, engaging workshops, communal cooking facilities, provision of clothing and hygiene essentials.

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, we specialize in offering homes, not just shelters, to those who are vulnerable. Our mission revolves around advocating for and collaborating closely with our residents to establish a nurturing and secure environment conducive to the flourishing of all.

We firmly believe that every individual under our care deserves to be treated with unwavering courtesy and respect, acknowledging their unique identity and upholding their inherent dignity at all times.

Our Vision

To provide opportunities and services that can help mitigate long term homelessness, empowering individuals to live purpose-filled lives.

Our Values

We embrace a collaborative approach that involves the individual, their support network, and their healthcare teams. We promote respect, dignity, and autonomy, firmly believing that “Collaboration builds our community.” This commitment ensures the safety and well-being of all members, including residents, volunteers, and staff.

On our streets there are women and men whose dreams were shattered and whose lives were never fulfilled. Yet, they awake each day and dare to dream despite what they are told. They may not have an impossible dream but their dreams are what get them up and get them through the day. The dreams of the homeless are real. The dreams of the homeless demand so little: Just one cigarette, buddy; a cup of coffee, my friend; any spare change, anything at all. Imagine the possibilities if we were to teach them to reach for their own unreachable star.

Our Main House

The heart of our organization!

Our Main House reopening its door in October 2023 after an extensive renovation & expansion project. It serves as a haven for 12 men grappling with ongoing struggles. These individuals have faced the loss of their families, endured stays in psychiatric facilities, and experienced years of homelessness. Now, within our compassionate community, these gentlemen engage in a variety of enriching activities, including yoga, organized outings, and comprehensive work reintegration programs, paving the way for their holistic recovery and growth.

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Available Activities

Anne's House

Our Home for women!

Anne’s House caters to 28 semi-autonomous women, aged 18 and above, grappling with homelessness, mental health challenges, trauma, and addiction. Our tailored programs and flexible support services are designed to empower each individual through collaboration. Residents are encouraged to maintain their personal space, hygiene, and basic meal preparation skills while acknowledging their mental health needs.

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Available Activities

John's House

Our Home for men!

John’s House offers 11 private rooms tailored for young adults aged approximately 20-35, grappling with homelessness, mental health challenges, trauma, and addiction.

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