Nazareth Community workers commit to embodying the following values in their interactions and interventions with Nazareth Community residents: CHEER

Compassion and Understanding

  • Does my/our chosen course of action demonstrate compassion and understanding towards the resident?
  • Does it take into consideration the resident’s unique histories, feelings, needs, abilities, and/or the reasons for their request or behaviour?
  • In addition to the presentation of the symptoms, have I reflected on the causes of the symptoms?


  • Does my/our chosen course of action foster reasonable and sustainable hope?


  • Which course of action will empower the resident, support their autonomy, and encourage them to learn new skills?
  • Am I working harder than the resident?
  • Which personal values are affecting my/our work with the resident? Is this appropriate, or is it jeopardizing the resident’s empowerment, autonomy and ability to connect within his/her community

Equity and Fairness

  • Is my/our chosen course of action fair?
  • Does it fall in line with the way other residents have been treated in the past?
  • If not, what is my/our justification for treating this resident differently?
  • Will this chosen course of action have ramifications within the community?

Respect and Dignity

  • Does my/our chosen course of action demonstrate respect towards the resident, the other residents and safeguard their dignity?
  • Does my chosen course of action infantilize the resident?

Finally, it is important that we ask ourselves: Have I/we reflected enough on this situation before acting?

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