Giving Tuesday

November 22 2022

As the temperature drops, we need you more than ever to ensure that our residents are safe and warm this holiday season!

Nazareth Community is raising $650,000 to improve the buildings our residents call home. That means providing workable  kitchens, new rooms for those in need, better windows to keep out the cold and much-needed electrical upgrades to ensure every single resident is safe.

​​So far, we’ve raised $450,000, but we need you to help us get to the finish line. And thanks to our generous matching donor, Hockey Helps the Homeless,

every donation made to help us reach our goal will be doubled this holiday season. That means every $100 donation is really $200, and every $250 is $500. Think of the difference you can make!

No one wants to be hungry or cold. At Nazareth Community, our residents are vulnerable, and your generous gift can make all the difference in their lives. To donate a matching gift today, please use the donation form attached, give online at

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