Welcome to our online store! 100% of the proceeds go towards enhancing the lives of those in our community

Nazareth Community Legacy Tuques

Perfect for chilly days, they offer warmth and a touch of nostalgia with our old logo. By purchasing a Legacy Tuque, you’re not only owning a piece of our heritage but also directly supporting essential programs and services for our residents!

Email once you have donated & we’ll send you your tuque!

Our Homemade Honey

Experience the sweet taste of community with our homemade 100% pure, filtered, and unpasteurized honey. In collaboration with Alvéole, we proudly host our very own bees within the Hadley Community, ensuring the highest quality honey straight from our hives to your table!


To purchase honey, $5 per jar or $125.00 per case.

Email once you have donated & we’ll send you your treats!

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