International Women’s Day 2024

Thank You!

We are so grateful for the incredible support during our countdown to International Women's Day.

Together, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide!

Let's look at all the highlights!

This year was all about education & inclusion!

It was about teaching the support in our community how mental health & homelessness affects women.

At Anne’s House, we believe in providing more than just shelter; we are committed to offering homes with support for our incredible women!

Inclusive Activities!

Galentine's Day!

Beading Activity!

Baking Cupcakes!

We Received Some Fantastic Support!


We received an ENTIRE PALETTE of Women’s Clothes from Giant Tiger Sainte-Catherine!

What an amazing month! Thank you again for the support so we can continue to heighten the lives of our incredible women at Anne's House!

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