MEALS 4 MILTON PARK x Nazareth Community

Buy a sweater in solidarity of the homeless community during his pandemic in protest of the curfew fines. Meals 4 Milton Park has kindly set up this merch launch fundraiser with 100% of all proceeds going to our community.

Buy yours through this link:

“With the recent curfew in Quebec, we can see how unsheltered people continue to be disregarded when policies are created. Francois Legault stating we can’t exempt unhoused people from the curfew because “then everyone will claim they are homeless” is not a solution to how the curfew continues the suffering of our city’s most vulnerable.

“Housing first programs are the solution. 100% of our “profits” from this merch launch will go towards Nazareth Community, an organization that provides housing first solutions to those who are living housing insecure in Montreal. Feel free to tag Francois Legault and Sante Quebec in your pictures wearing your sweaters.” – Meals 4 Milton Park

We are so grateful for this action taken by M4MP, they have supported us in more ways than one by taking this initiative.

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