New Project: Video Game Room

Video games have been shown to be beneficial to the psychological health of many people, especially those with anxiety disorders, depression, antisocial personality disorder, ADHD and PTSD. For this reason and to add a communal space and more opportunity for our residents to get out of their rooms and participate in the community, we have decided to build a gaming room where our residents can remove themselves from isolation and play games together. This is a tall order and will require the following donations:

  • Gaming console (preferably a Wii)
  • TV
  • Remotes
  • Games
  • Shelves/shelving unit
  • Gaming posters or other related decor

A great way to obtain these items is by getting a group of volunteers together and sponsoring/raising money to buy these items.

If you can help us reach this goal in any way, please contact Jessie at

Thank you!

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